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Manosh Bridge

Hyde Park, VT
WGN Number: 45-08-Q

Manosh Bridge
Manosh Bridge
Photo by Howard Manosh

Manosh Bridge Vital Statistics

Town: Hyde Park
Location: NE of Hyde Park, Hyde Park Township. Centerville Rd. NE 0.57 miles from jct with VT100 in Hyde Park, E. (curves SE) on Noyes Farm Rd. 0.55 miles, NE on Carpenter Hill Rd. 3.1 miles, N. on Green River Rd. 0.45 miles to a parking area on the W. side of the road. There is a gate to a private road and a sign welcoming people to walk on the road.
Crossing: Green River
Date: 2015
Truss Type: Queen
Spans: 1
Truss Length: 60 feet

Credits: This information and descriptions are provided by Howard Manosh, Jan Lewandowski, and Dale J. Travis

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