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December 27, 2001

Dear Mr. Nelson:
I am planning a trip to Vermont next year and I have been interested to read that you have written a book about the Covered Bridges in Vermont. I am originally from the Boston area and came to Australia many years ago. I have been back home many times but never have visited your lovely state.

I have a hobby of doing tapestry or cross stitch and one that I have done is of a covered bridge. It was done several years ago and the design was found in the Workbasket Magazine. It was one designed by Celia Lange. I was hoping you could please identify where this bridge might be?

I am hoping it is in Vermont so when I come to Vermont next year, I would be able to take a photo of the real bridge. The bridge is red, has a black roof and is going over a stream with a gravel road going through. It seems it is on a back road and not in a town. If this one is not exact or in Vermont, maybe there is one that is in Vermont which looks similar.

I am attaching the bitmap to show the design. I am hoping you can help. Thank You. Workbasket Magazine is no longer in print and Celia Lange is no longer doing designs.

Arthur Rudnick

Unknown Covered Bridge

December 27, 2001

Dear Mr. Rudnick:
Your red bridge with the squared portal framed in white is probably one of the three covered bridges in North Bennington, Vermont. The pattern is unmistakable -- there are no others quite like them.

The three bridges are Silk Road Bridge, Paper Mill Bridge, and the Henry Bridge, all within a mile and a half of one another, and all accessible from Vermont Route 67A.

The Henry Bridge is adjacent to the old Henry Homestead, now a very good bed and breakfast, I am told.

The gravel road you mentioned has been paved and the roofs of the bridges have been replaced as time requires, but the old bridges are still there serving the community as their builders meant them to do.

For photos and more on Bennington's bridges, check my web site

Joe Nelson

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