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Historic Bridge Marketing Updates

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May 5, 2020: James Crouse has forwarded this item from INDOT regarding signage requirements for Indiana's historic covered bridges. The new requirements apply to new signs. All existing signs do not neeed to be replaced.

Attached below is an abbreviated version of the INDOT May 2020 Newsletter. The material unrelated to the notice has been removed.

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INDOT LPA Newsletter - May 2020



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INDOT Cultural Resources Office-Historic Bridge Marketing Updates

Please see below for new requirements for historic bridge marketing signs, effective immediately. For any signs already in place, no changes are required. For all signs yet to be installed, the following language must be included on the signs:

This is a historic bridge that may be available for reuse. The status of the bridge is currently "pending," meaning its future is undetermined as the Section 106 review process is on-going. Depending on the outcome of Section 106 consultation, interested parties may be able to acquire the bridge. For more information, please visit or contact: [insert contact name, phone number, and/or email address].

This new requirement is a result of recent conversations between FHWA, SHPO, and INDOT staff to address concerns expressed by consulting parties that some elements of the marketing procedures appear to predetermine bridge replacement. Incorporation of this language into the marketing signs provides a consistent message across all forms of historic bridge marketing. As part of this update, the historic bridge marketing legal notice template and the bridge marketing website data form have been revised and are linked below. Please use these revised documents effective immediately.

Those involved in the project development process for a historic bridge are reminded that the allowance of marketing activities to commence does not constitute approval of a bypass or replacement alternative. A preferred alternative is not developed until the preparation of the Historic Bridges Alternatives Analysis (HBAA), and final approval of the HBAA and preferred alternative does not occur until FHWA approval of the environmental document.

The relevant chapters of the Cultural Resources Manual and other historic bridge guidance documents have been updated to reflect the new signage requirement and will be available on INDOT’s website soon. Please contact Historic Bridge Specialist Mary Kennedy at 317-232-5215 or with any questions.

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Our thanks to James Crouse for bringing this to our atention - Ed.

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