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Station Covered Bridge

Northfield, VT
WGN Number: 45-12-08

Station Covered Bridge
Station Covered Bridge
Photo by Joe Nelson © 1997

Four ports on each side of the Station Bridge give travelers the opportunity to watch for oncoming trains. A fine view of the bridge can be had from the rocks upstream.

The Covered Bridges of Yesteryear website provides the following historical information on the bridge repairs over the past 50 years. "In 1963 the bridge was strengthened with the addition of four steel beams and a central pier. In 1978 the bridges siding was repaired and it was painted barn red inside and out. It was again strengthened in 1993 when the original deck system was repaired. The original non-mortared stone abutments remain, but cast concrete caps have been added. Circa 2002 a new standing-seam steel roof was installed."

Station Covered Bridge Vital Statistics

Town: Northfield
Location: Cox Brook Road
Crossing: Dog River
Date: 1872
Builder: Unknown
Truss Type: Town lattice
Truss Length: 137 feet
Other Names: Northfield Falls
National Register of Historical Places Listing Date: August 13, 1974

Credits: All pictures, information and descriptions are taken from Spanning Time Vermont's Covered Bridges by Joseph C. Nelson ©1997 and the World Guide to Covered Bridges - 2009 unless otherwise specified.

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