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Covered Bridge - Greene County

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June 26, 2001: Covered Bridge - Greene County TN I would like to know if the Old Wooden Covered Bridge located on Warrensburg Rd in Greene County, Tennessee has been identified by the NSPCB. Last year this bridge was set afire by unknown persons. The bridge sustained some small damage. I visited this bridge two weeks ago and it is in bad need of repair and maintenance and other members of my extended family have a great deal of heritage connected to this bridge because our name is above the entrance as Bible Bridge.

Darrell Bible

Dear Mr. Bible: The World Guide to Covered Bridges published by the NSPCB lists your bridge as crossing the Little Chucky as the Bible or Chucky Bridge. The 57-foot queen post truss bridge was built in 1922. The World Guide number is 42-30-01. It is one of six covered bridges surviving in Tennessee. Joe Nelson

If someone has knowledge of preservation plans for the Bible Bridge please contact CB Mail Bag through

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