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June 13, 2003
Dear Mr. Nelson, My name is Nandor Bokor, I'm from Hungary. I found your website on the Internet. I thought that maybe you could help me in my problem.

My hobby is visiting Hitchcock locations, and this fall I would like to go to Vermont to visit locations from The Trouble With Harry (1956). In one of the scenes a covered bridge is shown (see enclosed frame). I understand that there are more than a hundred such bridges in Vermont. Could you please identify this one, and tell me where it is?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Nandor Bokor

Mystery Bridge Photo provided by Nandor Bokor June 13, 2003
Mystery Bridge
Photo provided by Nandor Bokor
June 13, 2003

Dear Panel of Experts:
Can we help Nandor with this? My first guess is the Worrall Bridge in Rockingham because, when the photo is blown up, there appears to be a wooden ramp at the entry, peculiar to that bridge. also, the portal is rounded. However, the gable ends in the Worrall are extended, not apparent in this photo.

Joe Nelson

June 15, 2003 - Before seeing the photo, I would have said Worrall too because of the wooden ramp Joe mentions (which doesn't really show up on my screen). I offer these thoughts on why it might not be Worrall:

As pictured, the setting is wrong for the Worrall bridge--the lay of the land is wrong unless the photo is reversed. If, as seen, that hill doesn't rise up on the right (the junk yard is on that spot assuming, though, it was not there at the time of the shooting of the movie). However, if the photo is reversed, the hill would be correct relative to the wooden ramp which, for the elevations of the bridge, is only on the entry opposite the hill.

However, if the photo is reversed, the hill might be OK; but I think it is a little close to the bridge. Isn't there now a small residence tucked in before the hill? It could have been there in 1956. The distant landscape is correct.

The Worrall bridge longer that this one; but it could be the angle of the photo.

I am basing my thoughts heavily on the hill pictured. It must be reckoned with for the identity of this bridge setting. My thoughts for now; I look forward to what the rest of you think. I will give thought to alternatives.

Irene Barna

June 16, 2003 - Joe, The GOK (Gosh only knows) that you are inquiring about is the C. K. Smith of Gifford Bridge in Randolph, Orange County., Vermont. WGN 45-09-03. Some of the earliest photos of this bridge, I have, were taken in the 1950's. I believe that it is still there.

Hope this helps,
Dick Roy

June 17, 2003 - Hi Joe and all, This is my case for the Hitchcock bridge being the Hyde or South Randolph Covered Bridge. The photo is very old, so it shows the bridge more in the open than the latter photo. Also, the picture is not very clear, but I can see the siding, and it is the same in both pictures. I don't see the ramp that Joe see's.

Hope this helps,
Dick Wilson

Hyde Bridge [WGN 45-0903] Photo by Dick Wilson
Hyde Bridge [WGN 45-0903]
Photo by Dick Wilson

June 17, 2003 - I'll agree to that one--the hill, the farm right where it is, the round portal. (There are always cows standing around in the stream at that bridge--every post card....) One feature I have always found outstanding about the East Randolph bridge is that the siding has a horizontal seam. Kind of like 8' lengths of wood have been used necessitating shorter pieces end-to-end on those. That seam does show up in a resolution small enough on this laptop.


June 17, 2003 - Dear Panel: I agree that the mystery bridge is the Hyde, or South Randolph Bridge (WGN 45-09-03) off Route 14.

Joe N.

Dear Nandor:
I'm sure you know by now, considering all of the email generated, that our panel of experts agree that the photo of the bridge you sent is of the Hyde, or South Randolph covered bridge located in the Town of Randolph, Vermont, next to Route 14, 2.8 miles south of the Village of South Randolph.

This has been a fun exercise.

Thank you all,
Joe N.

June 18, 2003 - Dear Joe,
Thanks a lot for your (and your friends') wonderful help! I really don't know how to express my gratitude!

Actually, I didn't receive any of your expert colleague's forwarded emails saying it was Hyde Bridge (so I only know it from your message), I only received Irene Barna's email a few days ago, and another one from Ed Barna. If you still have the others on your computer, could you forward them to me? I would really love to read them.

Thanks again,

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