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"Romantic Shelter" Lost Near Chester, Vt.

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August 25, 2003 - When at camp, we visited Chester. We took Route 11 between Londonderry and Chester. Along that route, there was a private covered bridge right off the main road that went to a private home. We found that the bridge had been washed away three weeks ago in a flash flood. We found the truss and roof washed downstream and destroyed. Only the abutments are left and the people can't get to their home. I never knew the name of the bridge, but we saw it every time we went to Chester.

It was built in the early 1990's, so it would not be in the guide to Romantic Shelters. It was located in North Windham. In the Vermont Atlas, Map 11. Follow Route 11 to north Windham. Just below the route 11 sign, is a small drive way. That's where the bridge was located. One half of the sign on the side of the bridge says Londonderry, the other half says Windham. The bridge was on the town line, as you can see in the Atlas. I photographed it in the Spring of 1997.

Dick Wilson

Private Bridge, Chester, Vt. Photo by Dick Wilson, 1997
Private Bridge, Chester, Vt.
Photo by Dick Wilson, 1997
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