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Alaska's Schooner Bridge to be Replaced

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January 28, 2004 - Dear Joe, Thought you would be interested in a paragraph that appeared in the February 2004 issue of "Alaska" magazine.

"One more covered bridge in Alaska, spanning the Kenai River at Schooner Bend, is about to be replaced by a modern steel and concrete span. The Schooner Bridge is the last of five covered bridges that once spanned streams on the Bureau of Public Roads system in Alaska, three of them on the Seward end of the Kenai road network and one across Mendenhall River near Juneau. Usually used only in damp climates, the shed-like covers on the old wooden bridges were built to keep moisture out of the wooden truss-joints." --

The above paragraph was written in 1954.

Happy Bridging,
Ann Ovitt [VCBS Life Member]

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