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Canyon Bridge Damaged

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Jeffersonville, February 5, 2005 -

Dear Joe;
Don't know if you would want this but I visited the Canyon bridge today and noted damage to the NE end. Appears that a truck might have caught the corner. Photo is attached.
John Borthwick

Dear John;
Thank you very much for the photo and report. I passed it on to the Vermont Covered Bridge Society Bridge-watch folk. When anyone sees damage done to a covered bridge they should please report it. The VCBS will contact the authorities. The licence plate of the perpetrator would be very much appreciated by the Town, the owner of the bridge. Someone will need to pay for the repairs and it shouldn't be the town taxpayers. Your report got the response below.

Hi all;
Thanks for the info and the photo. I saw the damage when I was running through the bridge yesterday. I was distressed because it shows gross negligence and lack of any good judgement on the part of a truck driver, and because I'm the bridge watch for this structure, I shall speak with the Cambridge Select Board regarding getting the damage repaired.

Grist Mill Covered Bridge Damaged - John Borthwick
Canyon Bridge Damaged [WGN 45-08-01]
Photo by John Borthwick
Febuary 5, 2005


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