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Second National Covered Bridge Conference

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September 24, 2012 - Many of you have already heard about the conference to be held in and around Dayton next June. It is hoped that you will attend if you possibly can, and that you will share this information with anyone else who might be at all interested in this important topic. I think most of the CB newsletter editors have been including this event in their publications, and trust you will continue to do so in each issue. Not only our esteemed professor friends, but also our engineer and builder friends, are invited to consider presenting a paper or otherwise participating in the presentations. [Please contact David Simmons with any thoughts or questions along those lines.] God willing, I hope to see you all in Dayton next June!

Jim Crouse

Preliminary info on the conference is available on the conference webpage:

[Our thanks to James Crouse for sharing this information - Ed.]

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