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Erwinna Bridge in Bucks County Damaged

WGN 38-09-04

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Erwinna, PA, September 11, 2012 - An oversize truck damaged the Erwinna Covered Bridge on Geigel Hill Road in Tinicum on Tuesday morning. The bridge is closed until further notice forcing state road officials to close the historic bridge until further notice. Heavy damage was done to the bridge's roof, portal entrance and upper bracing.

The Erwinna bridge was built in 1852 and rebuilt by PennDOT in 1996. It is 43 feet long, 19 feet wide and has an 11-foot height limit; it has no posted weight restriction.

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[This story was distributed to the Covered Bridge Community by Jim Smedly and James Crouse - Try an archives search for this story as the link goes to the current date - Ed.]

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