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Cherryvale Bridge Lost In Flood Waters

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April 17, 2014 New Brunswick, Canada - After spanning the Canaan River for over 80 years, the Cherryvale covered bridge was washed away by the same river during heavy flooding in the area. Dramatic video shows the bridge floating down the river until it became stuck under another bridge.

Local residents are greiving the loss of the historical land mark. Due to the loss of the bridge it will also be more difficult for people to go from their homes into town since there are not many roads from that side of the river to route 112.

The Cherryvale Bridge (55-09-02), was located on Cherryvale Road near Canaan Forks, and crossed the Canaan River. The bridge was built by in 1927 using a Howe truss. The bridge, also know as the Aaron Clark or Canaan River #1, was 178 feet long.

The following web link contains the full story and dramatic video from CBC News New Brunswick: Cherryvale Covered Bridge Swept Away by Flood Waters.

[Our thanks to Jim Crouse and Bill Caswell for sharing the story - Ed.]

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