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Jay Bridge Update 32-16-01

Text and photos by Dick Wilson

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Hi Joe,

Well, I didn't get to the bridge when it was being moved, so I waited for a nice day to go to Jay and to see what progress has been made since the move. I went up yesterday, November 21st.

The Bridge now sets over the abutments, but not on the abutments. During the rains that we had, the engineers found that the new abutments were retaining moisture, so now they are going to build pedestals on the abutments to set the bridge on. So, the bridge will set high on the cribbing until the new constuction is complete.

The temporary bridge that has been used since 1998 was being loaded on a truck to be taken away and used somewhere else. The piers under the covered bridge will be removed, but the workers did not know a time table for that, as it was to be done by another contractor.

Jay Covered Bridge
This side view shows the Jay Bridge sitting high over the abutments. Notice the new bridge behind the covered bridge and old piers.
Jay Covered Bridge
Underside showing cribbing and old piers. Notice snow on the mountain.
Jay Covered Bridge
Side view showing the cribbing on the Jay side abutment. I was told that a lot of work still had to be done to get the picnic area finished.
Jay Covered Bridge
Portal looking towards Jay, NY.


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