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Covered Bridge News from 2006

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2006. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Pennsylvania Mood Bridge Reconstruction Could Begin 2007 01/25/06
Pennsylvania Blast Causes Minor Damage to Lower Humbert Bridge 01/30/06
Indiana County Bans Foot Traffic on Medora Covered Bridge 04/04/06
Indiana County Inmates Groom CB's 04/05/06
Indiana Work begins on the New Bridgeton Covered Bridge 04/10/06
Indiana A New Parke County Indiana Website 04/12/06
Indiana Friends, Funding Sought for Huffman Bridge 04/17/06
Vermont Belvidere's Morgan Bridge Closed 05/01/06
Quebec, Canada The du Panache Bridge Burned 05/03/06
New Hampshire Historic Footbridge Lost 05/15/06
Indiana Jackson County Seeks Bridge Funds 05/19/06
West Virginia DOT Website 06/02/06
Pennsylvania Knox Bridge Damaged 06/06/06
New York Heavy Rains Threaten CB's 06/28/06
Pennsylvania Heavy Rains Threaten CB's/West Paden CB Lost 06/28/06
New York Hyde Hall CB OK 06/29/06
Pennsylvania Josiah Hess Bridge Abutments Damaged 06/30/06
Ohio Covered Bridge on Road to New Life 07/03/06
Pennsylvania Columbia County Covered Bridge Links 07/03/06
Quebec, Canada Panache Covered Bridge Site Cleanup Incomplete 07/25/06
Indiana Bridgeton Bridge Arsonist Charged 08/06/06
Austria Alland, Austria Foot Bridge 09/09/06
New York NYSCBS at Hyde Hall Celebration 09/09/06
Austria The Bridge at Andau 11/11/06
New York Work Begun on Eagleville and Rexleigh Bridges 11/21/06
New Hampshire Haverhill, Bath Accept Covered Bridge Bid 11/28/06
New Hampshire Mechanic Street Bridge Reopened 12/07/06
Maine A Covered Bridge Wedding 12/21/06
Indiana Jackson CB on Website 12/29/06
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