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Charlemont Finds its CB Too Good To Let Go

WGN 21-06-04#2

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Charlemont, MA, July 12, 2009 - The Bissell a covered bridge opened to car traffic this spring after 14 years, the only covered bridge in Massachusetts that allows car traffic. A dedication celebration is in planning for this fall.

In 1992, town officials asked the state for a concrete and steel bridge. The plan was opposed by preservationists. Meanwhile, the community was served by a temporary one-way bridge.

In the meantime, they lived with a temporary bridge and inconvenient stop lights on both sides that prevented more than one car from passing at a time. The $3 million cost for the restoration - paid for with state and federal dollars - continues to raise questions when transportation funds are tight.

There was a lot of debate over the past twenty years over whether to replace the bridge with a modern concrete and steel structure, or to restore the landmark at a higher cost. The standoff was resolved in 2004 with a compromise design; with added supports and guardrails that are intended to keep the bridge safe without ruining the look.

The original 92-foot Bissell Bridge was built circa 1840 to cross Mill Brook in one span using a variation of the Long truss. The bridge was replaced with a replica in 1951.

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[Our thanks to G. Robert Salvi for bringing this story to our attention - Ed.]

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