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Dreibelbis CB Restoration Resumes

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June 1, 2020: Anita Larkin Ford has passed along this information from the Reading Eagle website. Holly Herman is reporting that the Dreibelbis Station Covered Bridge (WGN 38-06-07) is resuming restoration after a delay due to the COVID virus pandemic. The work had been projected to be completed by May.

Following a five week delay cranes were once again busy lifting one of the trusses into place. Like everywhere else, masks and social distancing were in order. The completion date is yet to be determined.

For the full story and pictures, go to: Dreibelbis Station Covered Bridge restoration resumes after five-week coronavirus delay.

The Dreibelbis Station bridge is almost 190 feet long and crosses the Maiden Creek in Greenwich/Windsor. It was built in 1869 with a Burr arch.


Our thanks to Anita Larkin Ford for passing this information along.

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