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The Maple Street Covered Bridge

Fairfax, VT
WGN Number: 45-06-02

Maple Street covered bridge
Maple Street Covered Bridge
Photo by Steve Miyamoto © 2018

With an inside clearance of seventeen feet, the Maple Street Bridge is one of the widest in the state. After being brought back to its abutments after the 1927 flood, it was thought by some that the bridge was reinstalled with its original east end facing west, which makes it seem to lean.

Following damage caused by a truck driver the bridge was repaired in 2002 by Jan Lewendoski of Restoration and Traditional Building. Repairs were made to the upper chord, truss web, king posts, roofers, and rafters.

In addition to all that work, the "lean" was also repaired! Click on this link to see an account of the repairs: Maple Street Bridge Repairs Completed

Maple Street Covered Bridge Vital Statistics

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Town: Fairfax
Location: Maple Street
Crossing: Mill Brook
Date: 1865
Builder: Kingsbury & Stone
Truss Type: Town Lattice
Truss Length: 57 feet
National Register of Historical Places Listing Date: November 5, 1974
Other Names: Village / Lower
Date Repaired: 2002
Repair Contractor: Jan Lewendoski Greensboro Bend, VT.

Credits: All pictures, information and descriptions are taken from Spanning Time Vermont's Covered Bridges by Joseph C. Nelson ©1997 and the World Guide to Covered Bridges - 2009 unless otherwise specified.

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