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Covered Bridge News from 2013

Here is an index to the news stories that came to us during 2013. The web link sources contained in some of the articles below will eventually be archived by the originator. In this case, the originator will usually make the article available for a fee to non-subscribers. The archived items are kept intact to preserve the news at that time. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause.

State/Country News Item Date Posted
Vermont Bartonsville Covered Bridge Opening Ceremony 01/26/13
Vermont Bartonsville Covered Bridge Opening Day 01/29/13
New Brunswick, Canada Maxwell Crossing Bridge Damaged 02/19/13
New Jersey Green Sergents Covered Bridge Struck Again 02/26/13
Kentucky Cabin Creek Restoration Begins 03/12/13
Vermont John Robertson Prints 06/08/13
Indiana Spencerville Covered Bridge Reopening 06/26/13
New York Beaverkill Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project 06/27/13
Vermont Taftsville Covered Bridge Progress 07/07/13
Pennsylvania Self Guided Tour of Lehigh Valley Covered Bridges 07/12/13
Alabama The Covered Bridges of Alabama 07/18/13
Miscellaneous Covered Bridges Coming To Broadway 07/22/13
Pennsylvania Erwinna Covered Bridge Damaged Again 07/22/13
Indiana North Manchester Covered Bridge Rehabilitation 07/25/13
Indiana The Covered Bridges of Rush County 08/02/13
Ohio Dayton Covered Bridge Conference 08/13/13
Vermont Sanborn Covered Bridge Needs Speedy Fix 08/13/13
Indiana New Website for Indiana Covered Bridges 08/18/13
Michigan Fallasburg Covered Bridge Damaged 08/22/13
Vermont Sanborn Covered Bridge Near Collapse 08/31/13
Ohio Historic Covered Bridges In Peril 09/03/13
Indiana Shieldstown Covered Bridge Public Hearing 09/11/13
Vermont Sanborn Covered Bridge Renovation 09/13/13
Vermont Taftsville Covered Bridge Renewed 09/14/13
Pennsylvania Pinetown Road Covered Bridge Update 09/15/13
Ohio The 6th Annual Union County Covered Bridge Festival 09/16/13
Pennsylvania Herr's Mill Covered Bridge at Risk 09/16/13
Vermont Quinlan Covered Bridge Repairs 09/24/13
Maryland Jericho Covered Bridge To Be Renovated 09/26/13
United States America's Most Beautiful Covered Bridges 09/30/13
United States New Covered Bridge Book 10/10/13
Ohio Charleton Mill Covered Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 10/14/13
New York The Covered Bridges of Ulster County, NY - Rediscovered 10/25/13
Georgia Concord Covered Bridge Struck by Truck 10/29/13
Indiana A Radio Interview with Ron Branson 10/29/13
Pennsylvania The Covered Bridges of Adams County 10/31/13
Massachusetts Conway's Covered Bridge Reopens 11/17/13
Pennsylvania Pinetown Road Covered Bridge Reconstruction Project Update 11/17/13
China Feng Yu Covered Bridge Destroyed 11/29/13
California Brookwood Covered Bridge Saved, For Now 12/03/13
Alabama Clarkson Covered Bridge Renovation 12/13/13
Massachusetts Greenfield Covered Bridge To Get a Fix in 2014 12/30/13
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