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What is it About a Covered Wooden Bridge?

WGN 21-08-04/21-14-01

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Hardwick, MA, October 16, 2010 - What is it about a covered wooden bridge that elicits such affection? We don't know, but are pleased to leisurely ponder all the possible reasons when our path takes us to one. Workmanship, ruggedness, utility and beauty have to be part of the draw, plus the passage into brief, barnlike darkness as the unseen river rushes. And then there's the trip to the past each crossing evokes.

In the Gilbertville section of Hardwick, the 123-year-old covered bridge at Bridge Street is rumbling with business again after being deemed unsafe and closed for eight years. After a $2 million refurbishment, 80 percent paid with federal funds and the rest covered by the state, the stronger old structure is once again delivering drivers and admirers over the Ware River in humble style.

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[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

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