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Vaughn Creek #1 Bridge Damaged

WGN 55-11-05

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SAINT JOHN, N.B., January 5, 2010 - With the Vaughan Creek covered bridge in St. Martins closed for repairs, some residents are being detoured over pothole-riddled dirt roads to get to their homes.

Built in 1935, the bridge is also known as Irish River Bridge No. 1 and sits directly across from Irish River Bridge No. 2, also known as Hardscrabble. Both bridges were damaged in a storm last summer, with weight restrictions imposed on Irish River Bridge No. 2 as a result of the damage.

Prior to the storm, the bridges could comfortably carry fully loaded oil trucks, sand trucks and snowplows. Since then, usage have been restricted to 10 tons since the storm uprooted trees and catapulted them over falls on the Irish River, wrecking some of the bridge's underpinnings'

The Vaughan Creek Bridge closed the first of December for a month to repair the bridge's substructure but due to bad weather, the reopening date has been pushed back to Jan. 15.

The department has allocated $75,000 from the department's bridge budget to help upgrade the 74-year-old span. A Transportation Department spokesman said that timetables will be available later in the week when he receives specific answers from staff.

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