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Neglect and Damage to Oregon Covered Bridge

WGN 37-15-02

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Jackson County, OR, 11/15/2010 - Damage, graffiti, cigarettes, and "perhaps Marijuana", have been found in the covered bridge in Eagle Point.

"The bridge was moved to Eagle Point a number of years ago to provide a safe passage across the creek for school children, keeping them away from vehicles. And, its secondary purpose was to be a tourist attraction-something the community could be proud of."

The writer asks for help in making repairs and for patrolling the bridge. The bridge is apparently the span moved from an Antelope Creek location to the current one over Little Butte Creek. The 58-foot Antelope Creek bridge was built in 1922 using a queenpost truss.>

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[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

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