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Concord Covered Bridge Warning Poles Damaged - Cause Vehicle Damage

(WGN 10-33-02)

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November 4, 2019 - According to an article in the The Cobb County Courier, the Concord Road Covered Bridge was again in the news. This time the bridge was spared but the warning poles were damaged.

The incident was reported on Sunday November 3rd. The poles were damaged as well as reports of windshield damage to multiple vehicles.

Design changes to the poles are being considered to reduce damage to vehicles. The poles were originally installed in June 2019. Reports say it has been helpful in protecting the often hit bridge so far.

The Concord Covered Bridge, also known as the Nickajack Covered Bridge, was built in 1872 and crosses the Nickajack Creek. The bridge is 131 feet long, 16 feet wide and a low clearance of 7 feet.

Here is the link to the story from the Cobb County Courier: Concord Covered Bridge Warning Poles Damage Passing Vehicle Windshields.


[Our thanks to Anita Larkin Ford for sharing the story - Ed.]

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