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Small Town Big Deal Program Video
Covered Bridges of Parke County

Google Map of Indiana with state seal


March 28, 2021: Anita Larkin Ford has made us aware of a video of the Parke County covered bridges. The Small Town Big Deal TV program with co-hosts Rodney Miller and Jann Carl take us on a tour of these special bridges.

Here is a description of the program:

Driving the roads of Parke County, Indiana feels like a step back in time. The county is home to dozens of covered wooden bridges still in use today, many in settings that look more like something you’d find on canvas in an art gallery. Rodney and Jann are taking us on a tour of Parke County, where they learn there’s much more than just beautiful scenery here. They meet some interesting characters along the way, sample some famous food, and even spend some time … behind bars.

And now the video:


Our thanks to Anita Larkin Ford for sharing this information with us in The Covered Bridge Experience Facebook group. - Ed.

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